Monday, April 19, 2010


WE JOINED TUMBLR! I feel as though I will be able to post more there as it is more efficent for me and I can post more!

Visit us here and don't forget to bookmark your favorite mommy-daughter blog.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

I cant believe Chloe is almost a year old!

10 days until my baby is no longer a baby :( she becomes a toddler, a little girl. However, she will always be my baby.

I'm really excited about her birthday party. I invited truckloads of people so I hope our apartment will suit everyone comfortably, I'm very worried about it. People in my family and Steve's (Chloe's father) family are bringing some food to help me out and I am very thankful for that. Now all I have to do is make sandwiches, and make (or buy) a fruit tray. Then find some party supplies. I may check out the party store here in town to see if they have anything special.

I got her a lot for her birthday. Lets just say she is spoiled. I went to a cute store here in town called Ellomenopee, it has unique toys from around the world for decent prices. I bought a lot of Chloes Christmas presents there aswell. I found some great things. I got her a flashlight that looks like a firefly, a music box (I seen it and instantly knew it was for her), a puppet princess with dresseswigsandjewlary, and lastly a raincoat set and new soothers for her Stella doll (below)


My baby is beginning to walk.. we just upgraded the 3 steps to 5 with an extra dive or faceplant (sometimes both) to me or the floor. She can also stand now too! So excited but so sad, I want her to stay little forever.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sleep update and other stuff!

I think Chloe is getting a lot better. She understands when she is tired and curls up to me. I like that feeling because I haven't felt that in months! I'm still having trouble with the whole crib transition but I think she will warm up to it soon enough. It's funny because she sleeps in a crib/playpen at her grandparents house's fine... but at home, she won't do it!

Like I said, Chloe has been eating a lot better. I only feed her bottles before nap time/bed time. Otherwise she has food and juice. Today she ate almost a half jar (the bigger jars) of blueberries and a ton of cheerios. I have never seen someone love cheerios as much as her. She perfers them over Mum-mum's and Aeroroot crackers. Whatever she likes, she gets.

Also, we are moving in a few weeks and she is getting a whole new room. I have lots of ideas! Her Great Grandpa is building her a bench/toy chest for her birthday. It will look something like the one below, which on Amazon is over $200... so free works for me ;)

I'm also putting a canopy over her crib :)
And then I ordered a chandelier for her roon... I'm trying to make it Princess like without being too over the top. I was thinking Disney Princess themed.. but really, this is my opionion, the new thing they are doing with the Disney Princess furniture/room decor looks very cheap to me. If you have it, I appologize! Haha it's just my opinion! So with that being said, I'm going to try to decorate it the best I can :). I'm painting the room a light pink and putting white flowy curtains up.

Anyways, thats all I have for now!
I love my girl she is growing so fast!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This may take some time.

I didnt expect Chloe to be sleeping in her crib wonderfully overnight but WOW, I never thought it would be this stressful either.

Tonight I noticed Chloe was rubbing her eyes and getting sleepy. It was quarter to 6 so I wasnt sure how she would sleep... naptime or bedtime? It is now 10:30 so I guess bedtime. I shut off the lights, turned on some beethoven, heated a bottle, and rocked her to sleep. I waited about 15 minutes then put her in her crib. Most times she wake up I just give her a soother and rub her back then shes fine.. other times I have to actually grab her out and rock her again. The good news is that she hasnt slept on my bed at all. I hope she sleeps a bit longer tonight without waking but I guess I will have to wait and see. I skipped routine today because Pantly suggests going straight to bed otherwise your child may become overtired and stay awake extra hours. So I listened, and she is sleeping so early now.

It is weird having this extra time to myself. I really dont know what to do when Im not at her side rubbing her back. I have to be extra quiet so that limits the things I can do. Because right now we live in a loft type room together, I cant exactly turn the tv on. However, Chloe has always been a good sleeper through noise so I may just keep it on low volume for now on when she is falling asleep so I have something to do!

All these tips have been working wonderfully and the book does point out that after a few days (or weeks) of doing things like patting the back, ect, the baby will no longer need that help and sleep through the night. I hope this is true. Otherwise I can see her coming back into my bed.

Lastnight she slept in her crib until 6am. She woke up once at 3am (which is normal for her), for a bottle, then back to sleep in the crib she went. I let her come to my bed at that point because really an hour or two wasnt a big deal to me. However, sleeping in her crib from 3-8 am is what I am really working on.

Ughhh, I hope this works.. I am really dedicated!

She ate another big meal for dinner and that really helped! We also went for a long walk today.. first time in her new stroller and she loved it. She talked the whooooole time.

I am going to keep this up!

I will keep you posted :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My oh my!

Chloe will be a year old soon! Where has the time gone?

Today I took Chloe sledding for the first time. She loved it... she screamed at me and laughed the whole time. Then she started hanging over the edge to touch the snow. She`s just so freaking cute!

The sleep training is getting better but I am still having issues. I want Chloe to sleep in her own bed. So lastnight instead of bringing her back to my bed... I made a bottle, went directly to the rocking chair, fed her, and tried to put her in her crib. After that we spent about 45 minutes awake. I did notice that she would lay with her eyes closed, falling asleep when I rubbed her back... but, soon as I walked away she started to cry again.

We have been following a bed time routine and so far so good. We do playtime, eat dinner, bath time, and usually story time or watch some Moose A Moose.

Today we went sledding then came inside and I made her dinner. I heated up some beef noodle and she ate the whole bowl! Which is awesome for her because she rarely eats much. Then she tried yogurt for the first time and LOVED it. She also ate half of a farleys biscuit and some pear juice. I hope her eating habits get better. Then I have her a bath and I could tell she was already tired because she wasn`t playing as much as. As soon as I layed her down with a bottle she fell asleep. She has been sleeping since 7pm and I hope she sleeps good tonight. I realize that for her age waking up twice a night is not bad. She always wakes up once and as soon as I give her a soother shes okay. The next time is around 3am and she needs a bottle. This is fine I just wish I could find someway to make her comfortable in her crib.

If anyone has ideas of their own I would appreciate if you shared them with me :)

That is all for now. I just posted a youtube video aswell.
I will be updating more on here and youtube :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time has just flown by!

I will begin to update more!

Since I last wrote so much has happened.

Things Chloe can do:
  • Crawl - very good and fast I must add.
  • Say 'mum' (her first word) and 'dad'
  • Beginning to sound out other words like 'nana', 'poppa', and 'baba'
  • Stand up (while holding onto things)
  • Pick up heavier objects
  • Play by herself and with others
  • Share (very good at this)
and so much more!

Right now I am starting sleep training. Chloe has been sleeping in my bed (not that I mind) and is still getting up once or twice during the night. I would also love for her to sleep in her crib for nap time. I was recommended this book:

I hope it works!

Anyways, Chloe has had a lot of first. First Halloween, first Christmas. For Halloween she got to carve her own pumpkin (Well, I did and she just kinda licked it and was grossed out...) and she dressed up like a pumpkin AND a penguin.

Her first Christmas was great. She was a very busy girl and usually the life of the party. Chloe got A LOT of toys from Santa, her family, and I. She is certainly one spoiled little girl!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Maria, Jacob, & Baby Chris came to visit!

I know it was a few weeks ago and if you haven't seen the video we made go check it on on my youtube

I thought I would post some pictures for everyone to see (those of you that still read). We went to a zoo, a beach, petting zoo, and a few other places.

I miss you guys! Can`t wait to visit you next!!